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Yes, we provide carpet cleaning with the move in/out deep cleans as an add- on service. Prices are listed under service for carpet cleaning. Most clients have the carpets professionally cleaned with a move out/in cleaning service with us. We also provide carpet cleaning as a single service as well. 

Yes, We provide a 100% work guarantee on all of our cleaning services. We strive to exceed our clients expectations. If for any reason, not satisfied, we will rectify it. 

It depends on size of home, property, and type of cleaning. Is it a deep clean or a standard clean? Every job is different. Depends on the condition of home, last time was professionally cleaned and if have pets, children. All services have (2) cleaners. We also provide all supplies & equipment. An average 3b2b home standard clean is approximately 3hrs cleaning w/ 2 cleaners for the first initial cleaning. Longer if it's a deep clean. 

Our cancellation policy is that the client cancels 24hrs prior to booking. We ask that if it's a last minute change, to please be courteous and let us know right away.

We offer cleaning services to clients that have pets for both housecleaning & deep cleaning. We also offer pet friendly cleaning services, for vacation rental cleanings. Pet friendly cleaning services are slightly higher services than regular services. 

We offer a wide range of cleaning services We have a (3) room minimum for carpet cleaning and for housecleaning it's the entire house. We don't just clean 1 room or just a bathroom for example. 

We recommend a Deep Clean for first time customers or customers who haven't had a professional clean in the past 3 months or clients that have pets. We also recommend a deep clean for vacation rentals once every 3 months and during rental season months. 

When you book online or via phone, you will not be charged. We don't require pre -payment for bookings. The only time you are charged is when the job is completed and a walk thru is done. 

You will receive a confirmation email that outlines the services you booked & the appointment time, date. Please review the email to verify the information is correct. 

Simply click the Book Now Request button and fill out the form. Our customer service will send you an email the same business day confirming the booking. You can also call (631)618-1251 to book your cleaning service. 

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 Book today. We will follow up when we receive your message. Thank you. Https://www.peachesncleanmb.org 

All booking cancellations require 24 hours prior notice. Last minute bookings please let us know immediately.